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As of yesterday, Codemasters' browser-based F1-themed game - F1 Online: The Game - has closed.


The mouse-and-keyboard MicroMachines-style racer went into beta with lots of promise and tons of active users. However, over the last few months, interest in the game has waned - so much so that Codemasters decided to close up shop.

The innovative game, which allowed you to be driver and team principal, was hampered by issues early on. Over the first few months, most of those issues were ironed out and some truly competitive racing (if not very realistic) took place on both real and imaginary circuits.


The website provides a simple statement:

F1 ONLINE: THE GAME was closed as a service on Tuesday 7th May 2013.

The decision to discontinue the game’s development and operation was taken as the service did not attract the required number of active players during its beta phase to make it a viable ongoing project.

We thank you for your interest.

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